Monday, January 18, 2016

Excellent new invention that's most probably on Apple, Google, Facebook's wishlist!


Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. are certainly going to love this new invention and its inventor. Ankit Kothari, a native of India and a motivated IT professional living in USA for past 15 years, was granted a US patent 9,202,205 for his latest technology related invention, which will help to fully automate the process of requesting, collecting and sharing of photos/videos for any events or get-togethers. This invention can be directly integrated with the core products/apps offered by several big Silicon Valley companies. In the near future, it won’t be surprising if we get to witness those big Silicon Valley companies battling to acquire the set of patents associated with this invention.

Smart devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. have become a part and parcel of our lives - thanks to Steve Jobs! Nowadays almost everyone is taking high quality photos/videos using their smart devices, however, the problems start to emerge if and when we wish to easily assign some people as photographers for our events, or if we wish to easily aggregate photos/videos from all our friends at a central location or even when we wish to immediately share all those precious photos/videos with guests right as an event or a get-together completes. In other words, starting from requesting of photos/videos for an event, to the collecting/uploading of those photos/videos to a centralized location, to sharing of those photos/videos with guests in a timely manner, the current process isn't quite streamlined, requires a lot of coordination and has a lot of manual steps in addition to inconvenience as well as delays.

However, soon there will be no more worries as this new patented invention takes into account all the above mentioned problems and provides an excellent automated solution. Overall, here are the key highlights of this invention -

P - Pre-assign photographers on an event invite or impromptu during an event
A - Ability to request not only event but also pre-event and post-event photos/videos
T - Tight integration between calendar, camera & photo applications of a smart device
E - Event creation triggers the automatic creation of the centralized digital album
N - No need to remember to send photos/videos to host as automatic uploading feature
T - ‘Too busy to share photos/videos’ becomes history as immediate sharing is possible

As part of this invention, event owners would have the ability to directly assign photographers on an event invite itself, wherein the assignment of the photographers would be allowed either in advance or even impromptu during an event. Once the photographers are assigned, system would automatically trigger the auto-creation of a central photo/video digital album, which would act as the central repository to store all the photos/videos for the event.

Once the above mentioned centralized digital album is created, all the photographers that accepted to capture photos/videos for the event would receive reminders before the start of the event and would be able to upload their event’s photos/videos to the centralized digital album, either using real-time automatic uploads, double check before automatic uploads or using manual uploads at a later time. Thereafter, once an event is complete, this invention would also provide an option to automatically share the event's photo/video album with the event's guests without any delays. In short, this invention would essentially help to capture all the wonderful memories for an event or a get-together by automating each and every component of requesting, uploading, collecting and sharing of photos/videos for that event.

In addition, this invention also comprises of several other new features that haven’t been witnessed before, such as being able to request people to take photos/videos for the pre-event and post-event activities, which are often forgotten or missed out, but sometimes those are the best memories that certainly need to be captured. This invention also provides a first-ever integration between calendar, camera and photos applications on a smart device.

This invention is already picking up excellent publicity and recognition in a short time duration, wherein two of the big universities in USA, Virginia Commonwealth University and Old Dominion University, went ahead and featured this invention on their main Facebook pages and twitter feeds. Also, Scrum Alliance, a renowned professional organization, has featured this invention on their main Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Now let’s await to see which companies end up infringing patents of this excellent new invention, and on the other hand, which of the big tech companies pocket this invention and make the cool features available to its consumers.

Inventor - Ankit Kothari, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, MBA and a visionary planning to bring at least 25 additional inventions to life in the near future. Please share this article to create awareness about this invention.

Must watch this invention explaining video (~5 minutes) -

Another detailed invention explaining video (~10 minutes) -

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